Children's charter

At the start of the year we asked children to really think about what rights they feel they should have whilst as school, and also what their responsibilities are.  We are very proud of the ideas they came up with.  We have put them together to create a ‘Children’s Charter’ (see below). 

Kerr Mackie Children’s Charter

  • We have the right to be respected, and the responsibility to listen to and care for those around us to make sure we are showing respect to them

  • We have the right to learn to our full potential, and the responsibility to behave in way that means we are not disturbing the learning of others

  • We have the right to equipment that will help us with our learning, and the responsibility to treat all equipment with respect and not damage it for others

  • We have the right to be healthy, and the responsibility to make smart choices with our food and drink, and join in with as much physical activity as we can

  • We have the right to be treated equally, and the responsibility to treat everyone else the same as ourselves


Roundhay Primary Schools Run

The Roundhay Primary Schools Run for Fun is on Saturday 7th June.  If you haven't applied yet but still want to join in please ask for an application form from the office or simply register at the Education Centre on the day from 9.00 am.  This is a great family event, we already have a large number of entrants but are keen to get even more of you out running 1 km or 5km.


The Tour de France at Kerr Mackie



Kerr Mackie Primary School is getting ready for the Grand Depart by holding its very own €˜Tour Of Kerr Mackie. Over the next week, children from all year groups will be bringing in their bikes, scooters, skateboards and completing a cycling course set up around the school playground.

The entrance hall is looking superb and all the children are excited. Follow us on Twitter to see up to date information.




Toilet Twinning


Toilet Twinning:

Year 6 are supporting the Toilet Twinning charity this year. Our aim Is for each of our toilets in school to be €˜twinned€™ with a sanitation project overseas, in a community that is less fortunate than our own.

We are truly dedicated to the cause, and extremely enthusiastic, and through fun days, communicating with local businesses, raffles and stationery sales we have rasied a whopping £1,060 so far- meaning we have already twinned 18 of our 41 toilets.

We have many others plans in the pipeline (!) and are storming towards reaching our total of £2460 by the end of the year.

We always love receiving ideas for fundraising, and love donations even more- so if you're interested, come to speak to any of the Year 6 children, or Mrs Harrand, Holly class teacher.

Watch this space!



BETT Conference

Kerr Mackie is to present a workshop at the next BETT conference in London on January 22nd.  BETT is the world'€™s leading event for learning technology for education professionals and we are very proud that the great work that Kerr Mackie has done developing it'€™s curriculum and the incorporation of IT has been recognised. Myself, two members of staff and two pupils, Zoe Hunter and Harry Small, will be leading the workshop.  Watch this space for more information!