All the staff at Kerr Mackie are friendly, caring and enthusiastic. Read the list below to find out who’s who:

Senior Leadership Team


Mrs J Millington

Deputy Headteachers

Mrs K Furlong and Mrs H Crowther

Assistant Headteacher

Mr A Stout

Middle Leadership Team

EYFS: Mrs D Johnson

Maths: Miss L Simmons

ICT Leader: Mr P Widger

SENDCo: Mrs K Davies

Subject Leaders

Reading and Writing: Mrs K Furlong

Science: Miss H Pickering

RE: Miss K Brown

PSHE: Mrs E Hunt

MFL: Miss J Slingsby

Music: Mrs H Crowther

PE: Miss V Horwell

EAL: Miss K Brown and Mrs K Furlong

Nursery Team


Miss H Pickering

Teaching Assistants

Mrs S Mahmood, Miss L Sanig, Miss J Herbert, Mrs H Hutchinson, Miss D Meehan

Reception Team


Mrs D Johnson (Willow)

Miss B Best (Elm)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Joicey, Mrs J Jandu, Miss K Longhorn, Miss C Thompson, Miss C McPherson

Year 1 Team


Miss K Brown (Oak)

Miss L Hitchen (Sycamore)

Teaching Assistants

Miss S Jowett,  Miss R Matharu, Mrs D Izenman-Qureshi

Year 2 Team


Mrs E Hunt (Spruce)

Miss J Slingsby (Maple)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs A Garlick, Mrs M Hamilton, Mrs M Carter

Year 3 Team


Miss L Simmons (Alder)

Mrs K Davies (Rowan)

Teaching Assistants

Miss S Maroof, Miss L Preston, Miss D Meehan

Year 4 Team


Mr R Quirk (Cedar)

Miss V Horwell (Lime)

Teaching Assistants

Mr D Rowlands, Mrs G Singh

Year 5 Team


Mr P Widger/Mr M Gargett (Larch)

Mr R Monkman (Lilac)

Teaching Assistants

Miss A Perigo, Miss K Smith

Year 6 Team


Mr A Stout (Cherry)

Ms K Ebertz (Holly)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs M Rashid, Mrs R Wilson, Mr D Whincup

Cover Supervisors

Mrs M Rashid

Miss D Meehan

Miss M Hamilton

Mrs M Carter

Mrs D Izenman-Qureshi

Inclusion Team

Mrs F Lal

Ms G Bourne

Ms A Cambridge

Mr D Whincup

Mrs K Davies

Mrs A Garlick

Office Team

Miss H Procter

Mrs H Begum

Miss G Lake

Miss J Procter

Mrs R Wilson


Mr R Behan

Midday Supervisors

Miss J Procter

Miss A Naylor

Mrs F Khawaja

Mrs S Iqbal

Mrs S Malik

Mrs A Singh

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